Any company can say they’re the biggest and the best. What makes Alice so special ?
Events are our only business.

Because this is all we do, we have gained phenomenal expertise in events management over the past 15 years. So we know where the traps and potential problems lie, we know where to leave extra time in the schedule… …to be certain that the event will run smoothly. Furthermore, we know what is not possible to do within a given budget or timeframe.
Having said this, we’re not afraid of ‘impossible challenges’.

Our Axion Cyber City project for a major Belgian bank reached 96,000 young people in 11 cities and it was technically complex mixing multimedia, Internet applications, high-tech games, flight simulators, sound labs, rock concerts, etc. This is exactly the type of ‘nightmare’ that our technical and Internet specialists love! However, the biggest compliment came from one of our associate events management companies in the UK. They visited Cyber City and were quite impressed but when we told them that we moved the exhibition to a new location every few days over a 65 day period….they nearly fell off their chairs!