What about quality? How can you measure - and deliver - quality for something as arbitrary and changing as an event?
Firstly, an event is not ‘arbitrary’.

To an outsider, an event may look arbitrary but in reality, it’s a series of tightly controlled processes coming together. This is managed on a daily basis by one of our team members, and overseen by the Alice management team. At the end of each event, we have a review to measure the success of the various aspects of the event - concept, planning, implementation, participant satisfaction, and comments from participants. This information is noted, and taken into account in our project management processes. Customers often participate in these reviews. Every event we deliver is planned and measured following the quality processes that are in place in most companies.
Is events management really a profession? I thought all you need is a small office, a telephone, a good secretary and a complete suppliers’ address book…

That’s what a lot of people think. These people are called events organisers and they are useful to help co-ordinate certain types of gatherings. We are a small and dynamic agency, not a subcontracting and co-ordinating company. Because every event requires different resources, a part of our work is subcontracted to specialists. So here we need a solid financial structure, a good address book, strong process management practices and reliable partners.
However, the real value that Alice brings every customer is that we are in total control of the process of the event…

…from the first briefing, until the project is completed. Along the way if we need to change things (and we always do!) our solid relationships with all our suppliers make this easy but again, you will never see this. It’s part of our work to give you a well-coordinated, trouble-free event. Some of our best friends and partners are our suppliers. Over the years we have built a long list of faithful contacts among Belgium’s technical and logistical specialists. This means that they will bend over backwards to help us get your show right…..and (we don’t mean only the acrobats and contortionists!). We’re also as close as you can get to each event because our staff has actually done all the tasks required to produce an event. We have true ‘feeling’ for what’s required and we can brief (and motivate) our suppliers better than a small company or a service that plans events as a sideline activity.
That’s what we’re paid for - innovative solutions … not complications.